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Piston Check Valve TYPE-ARV

Check valves are an important component in many industrial applications.  Apart from ensuring safe and reliable operation, these valves work autonomously in a pipeline and keep the medium from flowing backwards.


A check valve consists of a spring that is opened by the pressure in the pipeline.  If the pressure decreases, the valve closes automatically.  This ensures that the medium flows in one direction only and that reverse flows are prevented.


It is particularly important to use a check valve in pumping systems or for high-viscosity liquids.  This prevents damages to pumps, valves or other components.  Apart from that, the check valve protects the plants and appliances against damage.


Check valves are available in different versions and sizes which can be customised to your individual requirements.  It is important, however, that the valve is selected according to the pressure and the type of the medium flowing through the pipeline.  This guarantees optimum functionality.


Another advantage of check valves is that they are easy to install and service.  Since they usually have a few movable parts only, they are robust and reliable.  What is more, there are many applications in which these valves can be operated for several years without needing any maintenance.