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Gate valve TYPE-DAS

Gate valves for all types of applications

Our gate valves are suitable for a wide range of applications.  Depending on their material and design, they can be used for water, gas, oil, vapour and other media.  To ensure easy handling with high pressure values, we recommend using gate valves fitted with a bypass.  It compensates the pressure difference between both sides of the wedge, which results in easier operation.  As our DAS type comes with a metal-to-metal seal, our valves are also suitable for high temperatures.  This robust construction makes it perfect for use in industrial installations (e.g. hot water pipes).  Besides, gate valves with metal-to-metal seals are particularly suitable for high nominal diameters and for transporting media with high solid contents.  Gate valves with metal-to-metal seals have no own source of ignition, which makes them perfect for use in EX zones.


Full passage, full flow

Special emphasis should be placed on our gate valves’ full passage, thanks to which the gate does not alter the connected pipes’ general internal diameter, which in turn avoids pressure differences.  The smooth passage keeps solid materials and floating particles from sticking to the surface, which is important for certain types of media, such as wastewater.  What is more, this passage makes it easy to clean the pipelines, which saves both maintenance costs and time.


Easy operation and a wide range of options

Gate valves can usually be operated manually or by means gear mechanisms.  Electric or pneumatic drives are available upon request.


Our range of gate valves

…comprises a great variety of materials and designs so as to offer you the ideal solution for your application profile.