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Strainer TYPE-DSF

Strainers – indispensable when it comes to efficient wastewater purification


An indispensable part of modern wastewater plants, strainers serve to filter large particles (such as dirt, sand and gravel) out of the wastewater, thus facilitating the water’s further purification.  However, the functioning of strainers is not the only important aspect, but also their easy and safe handling.


The mesh size of the filter can be adjusted to the size of the “contaminating parts”.  This means that the strainer can be customised to the needs of the wastewater system.  Another advantage of the strainer is its easy handling.  It is quite easy to replace or empty the filter, all of which can be done in a straightforward way.  The cover of the strainer is removed, whereupon the filter insert can be emptied.  Once the filter has been inserted and the cover has been replaced, it is required to reduce the pressure.


We also recommend replacing the cover seal.  It ensures that the strainer is tightly sealed, thus contributing to the safety of the system.  The screen basket is available in different materials.  Although the standard material is stainless steel, it can also be delivered in other materials, such as plastic.


The strainer can be manufactured with a flange connection according to EN 558-1 or with a welding end.  This flexibility makes it possible to customise the strainer to the wastewater system’s specific requirements.  A heavy-duty hook can be added from greater nominal widths onwards, which allows for easy installation.  Apart from that, it guarantees the strainer’s secure fastening.